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EeeGbaga: "Ole Buruku" becomes new slang as Davido scatters the internet after his friend dupes him of THIS amount [see Here]

Davido has issued a threat to a man whom he claims duped him of £10k.

Sharing the picture of the guy, he warned him to watch out because “all men are now on him”.

According to Davido, the money is no big deal to him but he wants to make sure the guy knows he messed with the wrong person.

He wrote:

“Ole Buruku!!! Thief!! All men are on you Bastard!! U bleeped with the wrong one
He then made another post sending death threats to the man.

“This nigga a fraud..Change your ways before men fall you. Bastard!!! 10K pounds a poo to me. Enjoy the money Bleep boiii…Open

He later posted a video saying:

‘Anyone who finds him should collect the money and keep it’.

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