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Gbaga: Wizkid's Babymamas now living Together [Details]

In what appears to be a case of love despite boundaries, Wizkid’s first and second baby mamas, Sola Ogudugu and Binta Diamond who have severally accused the internationally recognized Nigerian singer of being a dead beat dad, are not only close and communicating with each other, but are also cohabiting now.

Despite the fact that the singer has made no move to unite the trio, (which includes momager, Jada Pollock), Sola and Binta have opted to live together.

So far, it appears Sola, his first baby mama is getting along so well with the second one and she just made her son, Tife send his kid brother, Ayo some beautiful clothes

Reacting to the polite gesture, Binta (2nd babymama) was quick to take to the gram to flaunt the items.

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Wizkid's babymama are also "cohabiting" Wizkid's babymamas are also co-habitting despite wizkid not putting efforts to this. Recall they both recently called him a dead beat dad? Well Sola, his first babymama is getting along so well with the second one. She just made her son, Tife send his kid brother Ayo some beautiful clothes and Binta (2nd babymama) is on IG showing them off. Talk about love despite boundaries….

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