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Poem Of The Day: "Careful Hearts" By Flo [Must Read]

Today on The Poem Of The Day on A2satsBlog, we bring you a nice write-up from your Favorite and Our Number one male Writer, Flo titled "Careful Hearts". Enjoy!

_Careful Hearts_

Love don't lie, 

People do. 

People manipulates, 

But destiny doesn't cheat. 

We were once strangers, 

Our paths crossed, 

It made us friends. 

You have your loads, 

I have mine, 

We put them aside, 

Just to see the good in us. 

You doubt me, 

I doubt you too. 

It's not our fault, 

Experience with fellow men made us cautious. 

Our hearts beat fast, 

Ready to mingle and tangle, 

But our loads containing worries and anxiety won't let it be. 

What do we do? 

How do we cope? 

The answers are only in trying, 

And giving our hearts away to the beats of love.  

Yes!  Giving us the chance, 

To satisfy our heart desires. 

It wouldn't be a sin, 

If we remain lovers forever. 

Babe, put your anxieties with your first, 

While you give your love to me,  your last, 

As I give you the loyalty and all the attention in the world. 

Written by Apesinola (Flo)


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