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Uniosun Fire Extinguisher Incident: All you should know about the SHOCKING Incident that hit Uniosun on JAN. 18 last Year [Details]

Thursday January 18, 2018's a day to be forever remembered in the history of Osun State University, Thank God no live was lost.

A2B broke the news on how a Fire Extinguisher allegedly exploded in a Lecture room containing hundreds of students around this time last year.

It was a sunning Afternoon when hundreds of 2017/18 300Level Students  in the departments; Anatomy and Physiology respectively were said to be receiving a Lecture in a Less spacious lecture room when the expired extinguisher allegedly blew off.

According to reports, The Explosion occured at A Lecture Room in the Pharmacology Lab at Uniosun.

The Lecture Room which allegedly had a Single Exit Was Said to be containing over 100 Students in Anatomy & Physiology in 300 Level as they were all receiving Lecture.

It was alleged that The Fire Extinguisher got detached from where it was hanged and emptied its' chemical content which was immediately circulated by The Fans in the Lecture Room.

Students were seen struggling as they all tried to hold their breathe as many threw off their Phones, books and make way for the Exit at once, resulting to stempede.

Many collapsed and were immediately rushed to the School Health Centre and some in a critical state were conveyed to The Nearest hospital in the school Ambulance.

The Medical practitioners Made quick interventions in attending to the students as many who inhaled the gas were given drugs.

The school however released a report that the students were toying with the extinguisher.

However, the main cause of the explosion still remain unknown but the good news now is that; all of the Students are in good health and they are currently celebrating the anniversary online.

Extinguishers in the institution are now being Checked on a regular basis.

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