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BREAKING: Akingbade Ademide Finally announces new Date For His FREE Workshop after clashing with General Election [Details]

Days Agowe broke the news at A2satsBlog that one of Ademide's February Workshops clashed with the new date of the general Elections.

However Ademide had announced two Workshops early February and the second workshop's said to be Free.

Reacting to the clash, Ademide however announces a new date on his social media platforms, slating the new date for 2nd of March, 2019.

Ademide had this to say regarding the second workshop which is based on Public Speaking:

When we watch celebrities, politicians, or business leaders speak on television or in public, they seem so at ease that we may wonder: are great speakers made, or are they just born that way?

While it is true that some individuals are born with this gift, many effective public speakers have trained themselves to be so.

Either they have received formal media training or they have delivered so many presentations that over time they’ve learned what works for them. So, what is the true secret to effective public speaking?

Find out by registering for my "free" class on public speaking.

Send an email with your name, location and "workshop" to

Limited spaces available!!!

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