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BREAKING: Akingbade Ademide's Workshop - "The 21st Century Man in A Romantic Relationship" to clash with New General Elections Date [Details]

Akingbade Ademide Popularly known as Uncle Ade or The Rant Guy, whose Workshop was set to hold on the 23rd of this month would be clashing with the New General Elections Date.

Speaking Earlier on the Workshop while Conversing with A2satsBlog correspondent, Ademide had stated as follows:

Everywhere in the modern society, there are agitations for the right of females. Situations like this almost make it seem like no one cares about the males at all.

In situations of peril, the females are expected to be protected, while the males face the danger.

From birth, a boy is programmed to bend to the wishes of other people with the belief that they are actually his own decisions. He is taught to sacrifice everything for the people in his life.

A male child is taught to hide his emotions, no matter what he is going through.

To do otherwise would make the society regard him as a sissy. When a boy gets hurt and expresses his pain, people make fun of him, telling him to be a man. He is just a little child for Christ’s sake and there is a limit as to the level of pain he can endure before bursting out.

He is treated like he is supposed to be a piece of rock that is impervious to pain.

Except very few who are actually bold enough to stand up for themselves, few men ever actually live out their dreams in life.

In Nigeria, a boy might nurse ambitions to be a photographer but his parents who have spent a huge amount of money sending him through school are disgusted at the idea and instead make him pursue a career of their own choosing and there is nothing he can do about it. A boy can’t nurse the ambitions of being a hairstylist without getting a tale of being told just how stupid he is for even having such a thought.
All these problems exist in our society. It's who we're as a people.

But It's not too late. You as a man can set a different mindset.
Register for my workshop__ "The 21st century man in a (romantic) relationship".
It's just one thousand naira. Recharge card money.
P:S Back to back refreshments will be available.
February 23rd! Six hours! Don't miss it for anything.
If you do, it's your fault.
Send your name and location to to register and for payment info.
See ya soon!
Stay tuned as we keep you posted on new update on the Workshop as Ademide is yet to react to the news at the moment.

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