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Gbaga: Internet Shakes as Instagram Comedian, Omo Ibadan, Reveals the Type of Man she wants [See Here]

Popular Instagram comedian, Omo Ibadan has revealed that she gets a lot of marriage proposals online.

In a recent chat with, Sunday Scoop, Omo Ibadan revealed that a lot of men contact her online, requesting her hand in marriage.

She said:-
“Even before that post, I have been getting many marriage proposals – both serious and unserious ones. However, I want a man that appreciates me as a woman and would always support what I do. The most important thing is that she should love what I do.

I am not really the choosy type; as long as I like you, that’s fine. I also want someone that has a vision. In terms of physical qualities, I really cannot tell. If I say I want a dark-skinned guy (which is actually my preference) and I fall in love with someone who isn’t that way, what do I do?”

The topic of a woman sacrificing her career for her man, is one that has polarized the entertainment industry, has some female celebrities have said they can do such.

Omo Ibadan in the interview revealed that she cannot sacrifice her career for any man, stating that she won’t even get attracted to someone who doesn’t like what she is doing.

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