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GhenGhen: Attention Drawn As Tension Rise In THIS Campus at UNIOSUN Over Presidential Election [Check Here]

According to reports from OlofofoUniosun; There is tension in Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Ikire Campus over the forthcoming faculty presidential election involving Adegbenro Ridwan from History Department and Ebuzoeme Franklin from English Department. Only Linguistics and French departments are not producing presidential candidates currently.

Olofofo Uniosun has received different articles concerning the alignment of the two departments that are not producing presidential candidates and they are: Linguistics Department and French department. History Department was said to have aligned with Linguistics Department and French Department. But recently; a faction has surfaced in Linguistics Department and it was reported that this faction had met with English Department thereby declaring support for their candidates especially the presidential candidate. Currently, there are two factions in Linguistics Department. Following the issue when Olofofo Uniosun had thought that it was only Linguistics Department that had factions, shockingly, a faction also surfaced in History department and it was reported that the faction had declared that they are not supporting the alignment with Linguistics department. To clear the air; Olofofo Uniosun reached out to the stakeholders so as to know the root of the factions in History and Linguistics Departments.

While speaking with Honourable Soft; a 400 level stakeholder in Linguistics Department, she narrated the reasons behind the factions in the department. She told our correspondent that they had a meeting with History department and it was agreed that they will support Ridwan who is contesting for the post of faculty president only if they can step down their PRO candidate for them since they have a candidate.

“We agreed that the person contesting for the post of PRO 1 from History department will step down for Cicero: a candidate from Linguistics Department who is contesting for the same post. History department agreed to step down their PRO 1 for us and we declared our support for their candidates” – Soft said.

The 400level female stakeholder who doubles as the outgoing Speaker of the faculty condemned the faction that surfaced after their pact with History department.

“The candidate whom we agreed that will step down for us did not step down which is a breach of agreement. That’s how we heard that a set of linguists held a meeting with English department and declared their support for their candidates. I am sure those who went to meet NASELS are not up-to five. I was neither informed nor involved. They declared support for NASELS out of anger” – she condemned.

She further assured students that the issue will be solved and the other faction will be called to a meeting and they will ask them what they want so as to unite the department.

Olofofo Uniosun met with some of the stakeholders in the Department of History on the reason behind the faction. One of the stakeholders who pleaded anonymous told our correspondent that the issue started when the PRO 1 candidate named Authority was asked to drop his political ambition so as to meet up the demands of Linguistics department. He said Authority initially agreed and declared that he would not contest so as to foster the department but suddenly he changed his mind.

“Authority already declared that he has stepped down but later, I don’t know who advised him to rise up for the candidacy again. He decided not to step down and declared his PRO ambition against the wish of the department.” – He said.

When asked about the fate of Authority’s political ambition; the stakeholder replied that Authority is contesting on his own.

“History Department has disowned Authority. We are not supporting him” – he declared.

Our correspondent interviewed Authority to confirm the allegation levied on him. He however confirmed the allegations and revealed to us that he is contesting to represent all students of the faculty but not history department.

“I decided not to step down because there is one thing that keeps me going which is the heart I have to serve humanity. Even though I need my department’s support, that does not mean I will step down. I prefer to fail gallantly than giving up before contest arrives.” – Authority reacted.

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