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Presidential election: Google reacts after 1$ equalled N184 on search engine instead of N362 on Elections Eve [Details]

Search engine giant, Google has reacted to the reduction in the conversion rates of Nigeria’s currency.

Nigerians were somewhat confused with the figure discovered on Google Search engine on Friday indicating the exchange rate of US Dollar to Naira as N184.

The Google search shows the Naira is nearly twice as strong as its actual value of N362. But the Naira on Friday had gained N1 to close at N358 to the dollar at the parallel market in Lagos.

Reacting to the incident, Google in a tweet on Friday night said it was aware of the inaccuracies and would correct it soon.

The tweet reads, “We’re aware of an issue causing inaccurate conversions for Nigerian Naira currency, so we will remove the conversion one box from appearing in search results until we are able to diagnose the issue.”

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