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BREAKING: Shocking reasons behind the Trending TooShot Comedy "Game Of Thrones" Skit Art cover Revealed [Must Read]

Anticipation has been set high as Award winning Nigerian Entertainment Brand, TooShot Comedy is set to release their third skit of the year 2019 as they titled it "Game Of Thrones".

When asked the reason for picking the title the CEO made it known that "Maybe because we featured a dragon in it, trust me the content is ironic to the title.. you all would be surprised".

"The skit expressed a scene in an African environment where a lady ended up implicating herself while playing smart and this is what we tag GAME OF THRONES ironically" He explained.

"It would be released for viewers this Saturday" He concluded.

The graphics/Art cover which has the image of Callyyung, an actor of the brand as the king on the throne(manipulated by Tessy Design) has however been going viral since its release last night.

When asked if fans Should expect seeing Callyyung with swords or in a war zone, the CEO cleared the waves saying "Don't Expect to see him holding the sword, but what he absorbed really worth it.. His role on the skit is extremely hilarious, so let's say he's sitting on the hilarious throne".

The Skit "Game Of Thrones" is set to be premiered via their YouTube Channel, subscribe ahead below:

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