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A2B Birth Flick: Mind blowing facts you should know about these HOT TooShot Comedy Actresses as they add a new age Today [Photos]

Newly signed TooShot Comedy Actresses, Meenah and Neymar just added a new age Today, 16th of May.
Here we bring you some interesting details about these new Acts.

1. Her Real name is Agboola Janet, born on the 16th of may.

2. Janet is a girl's name of English origin meaning God is merciful.
3. She's an Amazing beautiful lady; plays fair in everything she does, enjoys all positive and hates negative
4. She's not being secretive, but speaks from the heart and always sincere, she may be brusque and too direct in her manners. She loves putting on a smiling face because she believes if you smile it makes you look healthy.
5. She has a very complicated emotional world, she can be sad and happy at the same time and you never ever recognize it.
6. She has hard time expressing her feelings and can be very uncommunicative sometimes.
6. She loves singing and dancing And she's looking forward to be a great composer. She will do her best to make her dreams and wishes come to pass
7. She's a student of Uniosun 100l, studying anatomy.
8. Her quote; people are like mirror if you smile, a smile would be reflected #smiling team😀✌
9. She made her debut appearance in the soon to be released skit of TooShot Comedy (Pant Prank)

1. Her real name in full; Adebare Aminat Adenike, born 16th of May.
2. She's a muslim but prefers attending church
3. She's a vry cool person, friendly buh gets angry easily 
4. And the funniest part is that, she thinks her hobbie is playing
5. She's a native of Oyo State.
6. whenever she's determined to do something dere is nobody who can tell her not to do it that she will listen to
7. She's a student of Uniosun 100l, studying anatomy.
8. She's featured in two Short skits from TooShot Comedy this year (Atikulated Underwear and Game Of Thrones)
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