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GhenGhen: Mzz Bussy Hosts Khashpappy as he reveals Jaw-dropping details about his soon to be released single "Kokoro Ife" [Must See]

Hi guys welcome on board....
Towb TV present another interview session with a fast raising artist who goes by the name Khashpappy and I remain your favorite TV and I go by the name Busayo a.k.a _Bussy_ .

Towb TV present another interview session with a fast raising artist
Join me in welcoming my guest....... KHASHPAPPY!

Mzz_bussy; Kindly Introduce yourself and say hello to the house

KHASHPAPPY; My full name is Adejumo Bayonle Nifemi
a.k.a khashpappy
My people, whats good ? Hope we all having the best of 2019 so far ? I believe all our plans is in God

Mzz_bussy: How are you today

KHASHPAPPY: I am fine you??

Mzz_bussy: I am good
So my first question for you is
What brought about the stage name KHASHPAPPY

KHASHPAPPY: Lol nah my niggas always gives me different names like scopy, pappy don, khash etc.
T was funny I just joined it together and felt it was good like Khash pappy In a nut shell my friends were those who named me that.

Mzz_bussy: Lol
Ok good

Mzz_bussy: So since when have you been into music?

KHASHPAPPY: Since 2015!

Mzz_bussy: Okay.
What led you into music of all things?

KHASHPAPPY: Music has been what I love since my childhood.... And to me Music is Life...

Mzz_bussy: Hmmmm

KHASHPAPPY: Moreover, music is my no1 partner. Whenever I wanna write something down in order not to forget ..I put it in music . Music for me is an UNFORGETTABLE it’s my ADDICTION

Mzz_bussy: Amazing

KHASHPAPPY: Yeah yeah...And I’ll always prefer songs to movies any day anytime lol

Mzz_bussy: Nice
Another music addict

KHASHPAPPY: Lol abi na

Mzz_bussy: Today interview session is going to be centred on your singles which is under production
Kokoro ife

KHASHPAPPY: Hummm,okay ....that’s good

Mzz_bussy: What brought about the song
Cos the little we've heard from it and the video we've been seeing around as shown that there is more to the song

KHASHPAPPY: Yeah yeah... the song is actually about love ....hmmmm I mean love cause I’m not the type that fall in love easily tho...buh I nearly fell that’s when I knew I already got bitten by a love bug smiles......You know love is a beautiful thing and that happened to me sometime in my life which means the song has been written for a while now before I eventually recorded it...Like I said earlier music is my no1 partner..Yeah there’s more so you all should anticipate kokoroife season 珞

Mzz_bussy: Hmmmm
So the love in question here
You n the 2nd party didnt work out or you withdrew yourself?

KHASHPAPPY: Hmm that’s confidential, thank You.

Mzz_bussy: Okay! So kashpappy
Who is your mentor?

KHASHPAPPY: I don’t have a single mentor cause no one is perfect without flaws .....They are many .I emulate what’s necessary from them.Not a must what they do!

Mzz_bussy: Hmmmmm

Mzz_bussy: So what's the proposed release dat for kokoro ife?

KHASHPAPPY; Its officially dropping on Saturday, 11th of May so lets  anticipating kokoroife  as our jam of the month

Mzz_bussy: okay
So guys stay tuned cos KOKORO IFE is definitely going to drop this Saturday, 11th of May!

KHASHPAPPY: Yeah this MAY! MAY 11 by God's grace khashpappy said so
Maso pe mi osofun eh o

Mzz_bussy: Lol
Thank you very much for your time

Mzz_Bussy: So guys
Anticipate KOKORO IFE
By khashpappy
Which is set to drop this Saturday

It’s a nice time with you too

KHASHPAPPY: Kokoroife to ta mi lana ANTICIPATE GUYS❤❤❤

KHASHPAPPY: Big shoutout to TOWB TV

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