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BREAKING: A2SATSBLOG Mobile App Up And Running, Set To Be Launched This Month To Honor Shola_Visuals [See Date and Why]

Hello A2Bers, It's with great pleasure we are announcing to you all and the entire public that our mobile application (A2satsBlog's Mobile App) is up and Running.

The App would be launched officially on the 22nd of October, 2019. Giveaways and freebies would be given out.

Ok why October 22? Honor Shola_Visuals? How??? We know thousands of questions would be popping up on your mind but trust us Shola_Visuals has been very supportive to the brand right from scratch and as a part of our cultural heritage of treasuring our supporters, lovers and stakeholders we chose Oct 22 which correlates to his birthday.

We love you all.

More details about the features of the apps drop soon!

Let's hear from you, what do you think about A2SATSBLOG mobile app launching.

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