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A2B Walkie Talkie: Naira Marley "Marlians" Vs Tacha "Titans" Who Has The Largest Fan Base In 2019 [Let's Hear From You]

Hey A2Bers, welcome back to the A2B Walkie Talkie section guys, thanks for contributing in the previous matter on A2satsBlog  (Read Here). Meanwhile, you can always check on all Walkie Talkie matters Here >>>>>> Read Here.

Today's matter might fuel up a little beef but we are ready to cook the beef and serve them back to you (lol).

We all know that Year 2019 without Naira Marley would have been dead boring. He climaxed the trends with new slangs, vibes and Savage responses. From "Am I A Yahoo Boy" to the prison to his release to Soapy and his latest tracks all trend.

Tacha on the other hand did not only pepper the housemates in big brother's house but pepper every single soul in the country ranging from Her Body Odour, To her hot temper and much more to mention but few.

Now talking about their fan base. Tacha was up for evictions several times during her stay in the Biggie's House but was saved tons of times by her large fan base. One could easily tell the grand finale would have been much more competitive if she had had her way. After being disqualified from the  Big Brother's House, the fan base didn't stop but rather kept adding up. She tagged them "Titans". Titans however went ahead to drop an official anthem for Tacha days ago, they also made her trend almost daily on Twitter

Naira Marley's fan base also is incomparable with dominant figures and irresistible personalities. The Marlianz (No mannaz) gang is one which is fissioning rapidly into one large family with jawdropping engagements.

We are letting our pen rest from here and leaving it all to you. Who do you think has the largest fan base this year?

Tacha or Naira Marley?

Let's hear from you guys!

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  1. Na body odour gang u con dey compare with Marlianz

    You don fvk up