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Babcock Student Sextape: Three Ways The Girl's Parents Will React To It [Check Here]

After seeing the tape that was leaked this morning as a result of the carelessness of the Babcock student, the first thing that rang through my mind is that, how will  her parent react to the video after seeing it.

It is almost certain that when the board of regent of her school get to know about the video, it is expulsion straight without looking back, because this is a full proof that she actually did it. Nobody will go through the stress of photoshopping her face into the video, she was just unfortunate that the video had to come out.

So, while thinking of that, I just concluded that parent are different and will react to it differently.

1. THE ANGRY TYPE: When some parent hear that their child is involved in this kind of shameful act, they get so angry that even in the presence of others, they start insulting and probably beating such child in public. I know of a man whose child was involved in something similar to this and he ended up disowning his child in public, it could be just an anger for that time, but he was considering the stigma of the future.

2. THE BLAMING TYPE: Some parent may end up taking the blame for the action portrayed by their child, maybe blaming themselves that they were not around to grow the child properly or something else. or fully put the blame on the child, to feel relieved that they played their part well, but the child chose his or her path.

3. THE PUSHING TYPE: Some parent at the scene of hearing about such, will push the responsibilty on their spouse, it is either the man calls the child "the mother's child" or vice vera.

So which class will her parent fall under?


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