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Cardi B In Lagos: Adunni Ade and fans fight dirty over Cardi B [Full Gist]

So, few hours ago, Nollywood actress cum producer, Adunni Ade posted a video of her where she was ‘famzing’ with Cardi B and lots of her fans felt disappointed.

They were lots of comments from her followers who were claiming that she belittled herself over Cardi B, who happens to be a younger artiste.

In a swift reaction, the divorced mother of two explained why she would continue to be a fan of Cardi B and owes nobody no apology.

She wrote: “Folks are real bitter I tell you! You do good! They envy! You do bad, they were already waiting on your mess up to clown you. I’ve never been cut from the same cloth like a lot! Why so angry??? Why so negative? I do not have friends, I do not need them but music! Has been a healer for me for a very longtime. I love all genres of music. I appreciate a lot of artists but local and international. You could never ever catch me hating on another being! Why? I don’t know their pain or struggle or hurt or their source of income or source of livelihood. I love me shommmm Cardi Music!!Shiiii wait until I meet Angelina Jolie or my Celine Dion! Lawrddddd damnit! I’ll rather appreciate a real person than (good or bad) than someone who lives in lies! OluwaBelcalis Marlenis Almanzar notin do you! Keep growing in Gods Grace. Even your favorites are fans of other artists!  Guess she happens to be one of mines! #noclout #realfan #nofakezone #newyorkers #down9timesbutigetup10.”

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