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HOT: NaijaSub is 100% legit business platform [See Testimony]

It's obvious that many people want to know much about the fast growing trading platform in Nigeria where people buy data, pay bills, buy and sell airtime among others.

I first used NaijaSub in 2018. I initially thought they are like other platforms that scam people but sincerely, NaijaSub is real. Anytime I place an order, maybe data, my customers receive it immediately it is placed. I am impressed by the 24/7 automated delivery of their services.

If you are a data reseller, the best platform to use to avoid dissapointing your customers, is NaijaSub.

In this article, I will teach you how to use NaijaSub.
Firstly, register on the platform You will receive confirmation email, click it to activate your account. Then login to your dashboard.
Before you can do anything, you must put money inside your Naijasub account. Fund your wallet. To fund your wallet, click Topup at the top section of your dashboard. Different payment methods will be displayed to you. ATM card or airtime or bank transfer payment method. Choose one. Then fill the appropriate details to process your payment. Don't worry, Naijasub will confirm your payment immediately as long as its successful.
Go back to your dashboard to select the product you want to buy. One of the reasons I love the platform is that if your data or airtime or subscription is not delivered, they will refund you. In fact, all their products are cheap and come with discount.

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