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Sharp Sharp: See How To Automatically Unfollow Inactive Instagram Accounts within seconds [Details]

To unfollow inactive Instagram accounts on your following list, it begins with identifying accounts that have never interacted with you.

If you are not careful, you might find out that you have followed hundreds of accounts on Instagram. To make it simpler and easier for you to find Instagram accounts to unfollow, the social network has added two new features tagged “Least Interacted With” and “Most Shown in Feed” lists within their iPhone and Android apps. Use these features to clean up your profile.

Start by opening up the Instagram app on your smartphone. If you can’t find the app on your iPhone’s home screen, try making use of Apple’s built-in Spotlight Search. Android users that are having difficulties can simply locate the Instagram app in their app drawer or by using the search bar.

Next, tap on your account avatar which is located at the bottom-right corner of the social networking app.

Select the “Following” option that is found at the top of your profile.

You should now be seeing a new “Categories” section which is above the list of accounts that you’re following. Select the “Least Interacted With” or “Most Shown in Feed.”

Choosing the “Least Interacted With” option brings up a new list that displays the accounts that you’ve had the least amount of interactions with in the last 90 days and beyond. Instagram makes use of how often you like the account’s posts and react with their stories to generate that data.

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You will find a very similar list if you had selected the “Most Shown in Feed” option.


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