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BREAKING: An Exclusive Interview With The "High School Lovers" author Ajagbe Ayodeji As He Speaks On Dating His Best Friend [Must Read]

In the relentless pursuit of profession, it often happens that we fail to acknowledge the commitment to those childhood dreams that we painted on the canvas of our mind.

Not everyone have the inspiration to look back into the path less traveled when they already have a familiar, safe road ahead of them. Ajagbe Ayodeji, the author of ‘High School Lovers’ is not one of them. From a teenager with a dream to a man who is now set to release his fourth book, he has shown determination to follow through.

Ayodeji will soon embark on his corporate professional life, and he will leave no stones unturned to balance the same with his passion of writing. Here’s a candid interview with our High School Lovers author just before the release of his new book ‘Sad Love Story’

Tell us what inspired the beginning? When and how did you start to write?

It was November of 2014 when I began to write down my first novel. I feel that more than an inspiration, it was an aspiration to get published and be like my mentor, Mr Olayiwola B.A. I always wanted to showcase my stories which I had been writing since my primary school days. But with the passage of time, I realized how non-commercial it is to get published as a young writer. Moreover, I could have never believed I can write a novel. I was way too impatient to do so. But it somehow happened with some self-belief and encouragement from my friends and parents.

Tell us about the idea for your first book. How do you as a writer paint a story? Is it imagination or has a base in reality.

Meant To Be was my first story, and the time I wrote my first published novel, February 2018, I was going through a lean phase in my life. I find such period ideal for upcoming authors. They leverage the phase and narrate their melodramatic love saga. However, I tried to package my opinions and feelings and presented it as a fictitious plot. The first novel, therefore, you can say was a derivative of my experiences.

Ayokanmi is a name that is always present in your stories. Is there any explanation behind this or just a coincidence?

One of the most frequent comments and questions I get from my stories is “How do I get to know Ayokanmi?” I got to know Ayokanmi in January 2018, I'd rather say that Fate brought us together. Aside from being in the same department, we had different religions, different views about life yet our friendship thrived. I encourage my friends to be careful when using the word “best” to define one friend so as not to make other friends feel bad and to keep friendship circles wide and free. It is a well-known and accepted fact in our Faculty and Department that our friendship has earned its title. I can’t imagine life without Ayokanmi, and everyone who knows our friendship knows that “best” isn’t about exclusivity but rather years of stories, petty fights, love and support that have granted us the highest honor of friendship… the best of the best.
Ayokanmi (Ajagbe Ayomide's Best Friend)

Would you date your best friend if given the chance?

Sure, I will. What's more better than being in a relationship with your best friend?

What would you say are the most important things that make your friendship what it is?

I’m going to say honesty is number one. And a mutual respect for each other as people. Like I feel like we admire so much about each other. And the safety to be or say anything. I truly believe I could call and tell her anything, and she’d be there for me.

The fourth book is soon to hit the internet, and we wish you the best. Tell us some of the hurdles a new author has to be prepared to face.

‘Sad Love Story’ is very special to me. I challenged myself for close to a year while conceptualizing and scripting the story. I switched characters and changed plots. I made a promise to myself the day I start writing a book that no matter what, I’m going to complete it. Until now it has worked, and I hope it continues that way. I feel the challenges would be similar to any young upcoming writers. You need to live multiple lives in a moment and if that's what excites you, and you've got a story to tell then you’re on!

What are your plans? Are you planning to stick to novels or shifting to other forms of writing.

I love to write and I have thoroughly enjoyed scripting the three stories so far. So I would continue to write books if I have enough conviction in a story I want to tell. Also, I want to keep exploring and evolve as a writer. I must say two years in University of ilorin have helped me grow and develop more as a writer.

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