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Must Read: Ajagbe Ayodeji - "Sad Love Story"

Author: Ajagbe Ayodeji
Pages: Seventy Pages (forty minutes read)
Language: English and French
STORY PLOT: While Timmy was at the lowest point in his life, he met Faridah.
Faridah was the only daughter of a proud and arrogant billionaire father. Faridah accepted Timmy’s proposal and gave him her love. But when her father got to know about their relationship, he tried all possible means to separate them.
1. Oluwatimileyin Turner – Narrator/ Main Character
2. Oyedeji Faridah – Managing Director at Experience Vision Creations
3. Mrs Turner – Oluwatimileyin Turner’s mother
4. Iremide Turner – Oluwatimileyin Turner’s daughter
5. Oyedeji Abdulafeez – CEO Experience Vision Creations
6. Monsieur Pedro – Business partner
7. Jason Pedro – Monsieur Pedro’s son/ Executive secretary at EVC
8. Hawau Ayokanmi – Doctor/ Oluwatimileyin Turner’s bestie.
9. Precious – Nurse
10. Grace – Oluwatimileyin Turner’s Ex Lover / Iremide’s mother
1. Raphael – Driver
2. Susan – Receptionist at France
3. Mr Leonard – Trainer
4. ChloĆ© – attendant
Did Dr Oyedeji succeed in breaking the two love birds apart? Find out by downloading SAD LOVE STORY HERE

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