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#BBNaija2021: Twist Of Fate! Drama as Nini warns Queen to keep off from Whitemoney, calls him 'My Man' [Hot Gist]

Housemate, Nini, sent out a warning to fellow Housemate, Queen, concerning her recent closeness with White Money.

Nini told Queen to stop talking to White Money because he’s her man.

Nini has been very close with Saga since the start of the Show and viewers would believe she doesn’t have the right to call White Money her man.

We also need to know that Nini jokingly calls White Money her father and usually speaks about his kindness towards her in the House.

However, things seem to have changed between White Money and Nini in the last few days.

Both Housemates rarely sit together to gist in the kitchen as White Money is spending more time with Queen at the moment.

However, it would be unfair to say their relationship is beyond friendship.

White Money and Queen are simply close friends and there is nothing romantic about their friendship.

Nini doesn’t seem pleased with Queen’s current relationship with White Money.

In a conversation with Queen at the lounge, she said: “I don’t know why you just keep dragging my men with me. Just stop talking to White Money”.

Nini’s facial expression after she made this statement proves to us that she was joking.

However, Queen doesn’t care whether she is joking or not as she made it clear that she can’t stay away from White Money.


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