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In a few years, Khatseed Agency will be the biggest brand in Nigeria and beyond," CEO Sidikat

Khatseed was established by the CEO sidikat in 2017 as a brand that started with ushering services then later explored the business of Surprise as an agency with the goal and vision to be one of the best Ushering and Surprise agencies in the world.

The brand so far has successfully thrived in Nigeria for the past two years. Although issues regarding relocation threatened the brand, it was swiftly dealt with by its competent CEO and a qualified team who displayed excellence at managing the affairs at its headquarters in Ilorin while establishing a branch in Ibadan.

The CEO revealed the strengths of the agency as having great communication skills, advertising skills, and a healthy network in the agency's line of business. Due to how intentional the agency is towards providing its services, competitors don't stand a chance as they continually dominate the ecosystem of their craft.

The CEO explained in an interview with tRoG World Media that the brand's name was just a twist of her name after she came up with the concept fueled with the passion to solve problems.

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