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A.H Mohammed Is My Biggest Inspiration — Ayodeji Ajagbe

Ayodeji Ajagbe popularly known as Timmy Turner is among the many authors in Nigeria today who are creating epic content and thrilling Nigerians to awesome storytelling and writing. 

Since he began his career as a professional writer and published author in August 2020, Ayodeji Ajagbe has relentlessly made waves with each of his books. 

As a bulk of his readers continue to wonder how he gets the inspiration for the books he wrote, he has provided some insight into who his biggest inspiration is. Ayodeji also explained how he started out as a writer in 2009 and where he draws the inspiration to write his books.

Speaking on who inspired him to start writing young adult novels, Ayodeji Ajagbe said it was
A.H Mohammed, the author of The Last Days at Forcados High School. “Dr. A.H Mohammed (@ah_mohwriter) was my biggest inspiration and he is still my biggest inspiration.” Ayodeji posted on his Twitter page.

“I always look up to him because of his wealth of creativity and how he has constantly delivered entertaining books. One fascinating thing about him was how he was able to make his readers weep and smile at the same time. He is a legend ❤️”

Ayodeji Ajagbe has grown to become a popular author. Since he ventured into writing YA novels five years ago, he has published books that have gone viral, a proof of how much he is admired in the writing community.

“My books are inspired by a lot of things from my friends, my environment, my immediate family and sometimes just from people’s personal experiences. I also draw inspiration from day to day scenarios and experiences,” concluded Ayodeji Ajagbe on how he gets inspired to write his books. 

The young author who hails from Ibadan in Oyo State is the second of seven siblings. He is an undergraduate of University of Ilorin, Kwara State. 

While Ayodeji is getting recognition in the writing community, he is not going into writing fully. In an interview with Agnes Kaye, the author mentioned that he will be going on a two years break to focus more on other things. Ayodeji has his mind set towards other aspects of life and writing for him would no longer be a full-time practice but something to keep his readers thrilled and entertained.

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