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OPP O Por Pa: “Birthday party is the new oil business” Reactions as money heavily rains at Popular TikTok influencer’s birthday party [Photos]

 TikTok content creator and model, John Merry better known on social media as Beauty Goddess has caused a stir of social media after she flaunted the wada of notes she received on her birthday.

The social media creator clocked a new age on May 3rd and had an extravagant birthday bash to mark her new age.

The model commanded attention with the amount of money she was sprayed on her birthday.

Showing off the wads of notes, she was heard in the background lip singing to the popular song, “I can never go broke ooo”.

See some reactions below,

damlotasooke : It’s all about money for these youngsters. Yes, money is good but when you become obsessed with it like this, there’s a problem. It turns to your god. The Bible itself recognizes the importance of money but it’s worship like this….hmmm

yes_iam_chi_dalu : Like can they do without making videos Omo make I face front e no concern me oh

oghe.nerume : God abi make I join tiktok. Buhari will see these things now and think we aren’t suffering

shoefreakstore : Birthday party the new oil business

omaokanu : Is like this has become a trend

largerthanlifealice : Actually is peer pressure on the men who would outspray each other

tee4tayo1 : As you’re throwing them money up and down, just make none of it tears…aboki no dey hear sorry oh

real_akintola0001 : Make una dey return aboki money intact sha

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