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Wahala dey: ‘I never raised my hands on her, we only drag phones, curse each other' – Isbae U makes more shocking revelation on his crashed relationship with Mummy Wa [Update]

Popular Nigerian skitmaker, Adebayo Ridwan better known as Isbae U has again shed more light on what went wrong in his girlfriend with Kemi Ikuseedun better known as Mummy Wa (Kemz Mama).

Controversial blogger Gistlover had called out the skit maker for dumping Mummy Wa and going back to his ex girlfriend.

The blogger also accused Isbae U of extorting Mummy Wa of her hard earned money as well as hitting her over arguments.

Defending himself, Isbae U via his Instagram stories told his side of the story.

On the domestic violence accusation part, Isbae U explained that indeed they usually have quarrels which result to phone dragging and cursing out each other.

“Now about the domestic violence, yes yes yes we had that in our relationship. But it was only shout, insults and dragging of our phones, there’s nothing I have said to her that she’s not said worse… and I am not saying that makes it right but .. when we have a misunderstanding she packs her load and leave little things. If I tell her, babe I think you should go home for a while to check on your family, she would say I am sure someone is coming to see you that’s why you want me to leave ” and because I don’t want her to doubt me, I always apologize and let her stay. I never for once hit her.. never never did I beat her.

All that’s making her angry is because this time I chose not to beg her to come back because I just wanted her to be the one to apologize for once.”

He had earlier revealed that Mummy Wa gave him millions in their relationship, but he claimed that it was just a mere contribution to the house and car he bought which she had given out of love not forcefully.

He further revealed that he had started paying her back in bits, hoping to balance up with time.

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