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Gbas: Janemena Blows Hot, Issues Stern Warning To Those Posting & Tagging Her To Kid-Twerk Videos [Details]

Jane Mena is not about to be a bad influence to kids on the gram. She issued a stern warning to netizens and parents who film kids while they twerk.

The popular Instagram Twerker, Influencer, and businesswoman shared a couple of posts via her insta-story where she warned those who incessantly tag her to kid twerk videos on the gram.

She also asked that they stop filming kids while they twerk as it is an annoying sight. Furthermore, Mena threatened to block the next person who tags her to such.

“Stop filming kids twerking.
If you tag me to a kid twerking, I will block you. Very annoying sight to see.
Twerking is a very s3xual type of dance, it’s not your regular legwork or Afro dances, please stop filming children doing that because at a very young age you are already sexualizing them without their prior notice.
Plus the world is Dangerous.
Why film your kids doing that or even someone else’s kid!?; Jane wrote.

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