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Girlfriend Of The Year: ‘Wife Material 1Million Yard’ Hilarious reactions as Lady gives her boyfriend permission to cheat on her in a viral video [Watch Here]

In a video making rounds on social media, a lady was seen advising her boyfriend not to choose anyone over her as she gave him the freedom to cheat on her.

The Lady, was seen preparing to leave her boyfriend house for an outing when the boyfriend affirmed that he will ensure no lady comes to visit him while she’s gone.

“Girls will surely come after I leave, they even used to come when I’m around. Maybe it’s because their relationship is not going on smoothly or Because of your money.” She replied.

“My own is that, you shout not choose them over me and be careful.” She concluded.

A2satsblog however gathered that, it doesn’t take too long before hilarious reactions started pouring in from Nigerians as some felt she’s a great ‘Wife material (1 million yards)’ while others felt she was probably cheating as well.

Here are the few reactions we could lay our hands on. See below:

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