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Otun Ti Zeh o: If my toto dey smell, other boys dey f#*k am - Drama As Lady Tackles Client who refused to pay because of her smelling Private part [Watch Here]

In a dramatic turn of events, a  lady of easy virtue confronted her client who refused to pay her for no work done.

A video circulating the internet shows the victim asking for her money while the client explained the reason for not paying her. Fielding questions from observers, the client alleged that there was no coitus between the two of them as a result of a smell emanating from the lady’s private parts.

The lady in response asked the observers if they could perceive anything and they replied with NO. “You must give me my money…if my toto dey smell, other boys dey f#*k am,” she said to her client who maintained his stance for refusing to pay her.

The lady gr@bbed onto his trouser as she continued to demand for her money claiming she came all the way from a long  distance and couldn’t afford to return home empty handed since he was the one that invited her over.

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