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A Guide to Amazon Baby Shower: The Benefits, Steps, Juicy Discounts and how to make the best of it as you are expecting your Baby [Details]


One of the most useful things during pregnancy is to create a baby registry. It’s no surprise to anyone that babies are expensive and this lets people know exactly what you need as a mom. In this guide, you will learn how to create Amazon Baby Registry in 4 easy steps.

A Guide to Amazon Baby Shower: The Benefits, Steps, Juicy Discounts and how to make the best of it as you are expecting your Baby - A2satsBlog

Baby Registry List is a checklist of all the items that you will need when your new baby arrives. From big items like a baby crib and car seat to smaller items like baby clothes and even diapers.

There are a lot of benefits Amazon has over other retailers. The main benefit is getting 10-15% off all baby items. That might not sound like much, but for every $100 you spend, you’re saving $10. It adds up quickly.

For 10% off all baby items, you can register here, but continue reading and you’ll see that Amazon has a lot of benefits for new moms.

There are tons of stores that offer baby registries, but here’s why you 100% need to register with Amazon. Even if you register with another store or decide to not get a baby registry, you should still sign up with Amazon.

Why create your Baby Registry with Amazon?

Most moms-to-be now already have an Amazon account, so creating an Amazon Baby Registry will be very easy. With Amazon Baby Registry, you have access to the largest online store with all the brands you like and all the products you want.  You also get discounts, samples, 45 days of easy returns and free two-day shipping. It is FREE and can be done online in a few minutes (instead of spending hours in-store).

Beyond that, it has an easy interface for people to buy for you, making it more likely they’ll use the registry.

Your Benefits with Amazon Baby Registry

15% off for Prime members and 10% off for non-Prime members across the Baby store on

Amazon has the largest selection and carries nearly every brand and every item.

Easy 45-Day Returns.

Universal Registry – you can add to your list items from any website online (not just Amazon).

Variety of brands and price ranges.

Prime members get a FREE welcome gift when they spend $25.

If I don’t plan to share my Baby Registry List, should I still create one?
The answer is YES

Amazon Baby Registry – Completion Discount

You will get 10% off any baby item on just by creating the list.
If you have Amazon Prime, you will get 15% off and a free gift.
If you plan to purchase any item for your baby on Amazon, register to get the discount.

The Completion Discount begins 60 days before the Arrival Date stated in your registry and expires 180 days after the Arrival Date.
Your registry must be active for at least 14 days to be eligible for the discount.

How to create an Amazon Baby Registry list

Step 1: CLICK HERE to open Amazon Baby Registry page, then click on “Get Started”

Step 2:  Fill in your information 

Mandatory fields: First name and Last name, Email address, Expected arrival date and Shipping address.

Check/uncheck if you wish to allow guests to ship any items to your address.

Select registry privacy. The most common option is “Only people with the link”.

Type in the characters to confirm you’re not a robot.

There is an optional section to fill in more about yourself (see below). In this section, you can check/uncheck if you wish to accept “Amazon Gift Cards”. I chose Yes (Cause why not?)

–> You will be able to change your information and setting at any time!

Click “Create my Baby Registry”.  This is it, you are all set now!

At this point, you will get a confirmation email to your email address. The next page will look like this one

Step 3: Add items to your Amazon Baby Registry 

You can start by clicking on the “Registry Checklist” and adding items from this page.

Or you can browse Amazon by searching for an item.

Once you find an item you would like to add click on “Add to Baby Registry”. Simple as that.

When you add an item to your baby registry, you will get a confirmation note that the item has been added to your registry.

Step 4: Share the link with your friends and family

From the Baby Registry page click “Share Your Registry”.

You can copy the link and send it. Or you can share it directly by email or social network of your choice by clicking the share buttons.

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Gift

To be eligible for Amazon Welcome Gift you need to:

Have 20 items added to your registry

Have spent $25 off of your registry.

Some important things to note!

You don’t have to buy 20 items, just to add 20 items to your list 

Your qualifying purchase of any amount must be made by buying items you add to your Shopping Cart from your Baby Registry.

If the item you want to purchase from Baby Amazon is not already on your registry, I would advise you to add it to your Baby Registry first and then add it to your Shopping.

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