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Catch-Up Time With A2SAT: Meet Joyprime, 300 Level UNIOSUN student who can stretch herself into different shapes [Details]

Joy Ayegbeni, a student of Osun state University, has been going viral on social media after a fascinating picture of her performing an amazing stretch of about 180 degrees in front of the school Auditorium surfaced online, A2B Media reports.
Meet Joyprime, 300 Level UNIOSUN student who can stretch herself into different shapes - A2satsBlog

A2satsBlog Media's correspondent, gets to meet with the talented student and she expressed her excitement as she shares more insights on her personality alongside some amazing pictures of herself displaying her skills and talent.

Checkout the brief interview session with JOYPRIME below
Can you tell us your name, school, department and level
My name is Ayegbeni Joy (a.k.a IJOAYO) I am a 300level Medical laboratory science student of Osun state University

A particular picture of you stretching almost 180° has been going viral online for the past few days, how do you feel about it?
Honestly, I didn't even know it was going viral

Should we be expecting more from you anytime soon?
Actually, that's till probably next semester because it's once in a while I get to take pictures like that
Talking about the stretching, how did you get so flexible. Is there a secret or some tips you would like to share?
I actually started when i was younger. It's just consistency. But, I stopped for a long time so I'm not as flexible as I wanted to be

Did you train by yourself or someone trained you
All by myself

Aside from Stretching what else do you do?
I'm a dancer and a Taekwondo athlete

Is there anyone who inspires you in these fields?
In stretching- It has to be Sofie Dossie
In dancing- music alone inspires me to dance not to talk of all the great dancers I get to watch
In taekwondo- I'm just always inspired to do sport

It has been fun interacting with you for the past few minutes. But before we call it a day, Where can people get to reach you directly?
My Instagram handle is @joyprime_bh, my whatsapp contact is +2349013228456 and I stay around the school (Osogbo campus)

We have come to the end of your interview session
Thanks for taking out time to have the session with us, we appreciate you.
No problem at all. Thank you for having me. 

Checkout more of Joyprime's exclusive stretching pictures below:
Joyprime stretching - A2satsBlog

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