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Highstone Global University, USA President charges graduating students on the need for hard work [Details]

President of Highstone Global University, USA, Prof. Maurice Azubuike Odiete has advised the recently graduating students of the school in Nigeria on the need for them to be hardworking in whatever endevour they may find themselves in the future. 

Highstone Global University, USA President charges graduating students on the need for hard work - A2satsBlog Media

He gave this advise during the school 6th Award, convocation and matriculation ceremony which took place in one of the halls at the Lagos state University on Saturday. He advised them to strive for success as there is nothing more important in life than to achieve success.

The president said, "You must build strong character of purpose for a definite Vision established with a nurtured positivity and possiblity mindset. If you have not designed a Blueprints or Picture of your Future, you have to start doing that now.

You must strive to succeed and then thrive in success..There is nothing that succeed like success and I will say that again and again... If you succeed in life there is no substitute for hardwork.. success is won by a determined strong-willed and hardwork.

I want you from this moment to begin to Redefine your true goals, improve on Talents and Technical abilities and acquire as many professional or vocational skills.

He also had a word of advice for the Nigerian government charging them on the need to develop research centers in the country.

"I call upon the federal government of Nigeria through the ministry of education, the center Research and curriculum service to Restructure and Re-invent; to Re-define and Re-design the Education System and Policy inclusively in line with the Educationally Progressive Nations," he stated.

On his part, VC Chancellor Highstone Global University Texas, Prof. Innime Righteous while addressing the students gave his own philosophy about how the students were to go about succeeding in their life endevours.

"Of a truth, it is impossible to teach anyone how to succeed, especially in a world fraught with constant change. The variables are just too many. One innovation in science and tech, such as the recent rise of AI, can literally throw a person out of their job, wreck their entire career and scuttle years of diligence and hard work! Hard work and diligence alone cannot be the key, therefore.

But this not withstanding, whenever I am asked how to succeed, I resort to a piece of 
advice I was given by my friend and mentor many years ago — one I have adhered to 
and seen work: I tell people to live for the future. So, as you either matriculate or convocate today, my two sense worth for you is that you constantly live for the future," he concluded.

About 150 students graduated while 200 students matriculated. Awards were given to several students and lecturers who performed creditably well, among whom were;

Victoria Ifeakandu (Most Outstanding student)

Oriowo Ayomide Oluwadamilola 

Martins Ezinne Constance (Award For Professional & Academic Excellence)


Best Centre Director (Dr Helen Ede)

Best Director of Studies (Dr Adesina Kazeem)

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