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Article: I Stand with Dr. Akintoye Akindele- the Assault Saga

It seemed almost Nollywood-scripted and produced, the setting, cast and all! I now believe DNA character profiling can be so wrong and that apples do, regardless of the natural expectations, do sometimes inexplicable fall far from the parent tree plant.

The main cast are Scions of the late highly revered, well-regarded and hero-worshipped international icon of politics, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy himself. Widely considered to possibly be the best president we were not allowed to have as Nigerians, they could not be as far different in everything good and positive he was known for, except in looks only!!!

The ‘Olori-ebi’ himself, unknown since the passing of the great man himself, to have conclusively designed and executed any productive venture or engagement, either for self, family or community, is only popular for reminiscing about the good old times of the late father-sage, and fire-selling family assets to keep up a semblance of lifestyle of overrated indulgence and entitlements.

As a family, no single legacy asset has been improved upon, sustained or even kept alive to justify any relevance to productivity and enterprise of any sort. Befuddled and delusional in this self-importance, he misadventured into national politics as a presidential contender and as expected of every one of his endeavours, failed miserably even in his own household!

To complete the unfortunate family representation on the system targeted for exploitation and their usual unrestrained bastardisation as is their usual style, the duo of a clueless hypochondriac was introduced as Chairman and a mousy, diabolical baby-of-the-house that became the arrowhead of the assault as the lead ‘investor representative’ respectively.

Pray! Who in his/her right senses would work and collude to assiduously run down and hamstring a valuable structure considered by the reasonable stakeholders to be unbelievably promising to both investors and country alike, by frustrating all efforts to operate the Energy Park at the centre of the entire assault.

To the undiscerning, I assure you that the ultimate target is much more beyond the ‘Park’ but an oil/gas asset markedly more valuable! All in all, beyond the “since the July 1997 death of the late icon himself” oil block that had stayed morbidly moribund, afflicted with outlandish debts to Indian partners, the host community in Edo State and the Government of Nigeria respectively, until the God -sent Dr Toye came into the picture to resuscitate it into revenue generation, no single noticeable productive activity can be traceable to this particular branch of the Icon’s family!!! Even the flagship bookshop House in Yaba got a makeover and rebirth lifeline only through the selfless efforts of Dr Toye himself. Go and verify!!!

Questions should be asked, particularly of the youngest one:

Who paid for the Ikoyi apartment bought for about N140 Million after she had been a tenant everywhere else since her return from studies abroad?

Who paid for and recently gifted her the Pajero SUV to replace the embarrassingly beat-up KIA saloon jalopy she was identifiable with for so long?W

work was done for the consideration of over $1 Million in cash in the past 2 years?

If any answer comes back without reference to Dr Toye, make I bend!!!

Also note that any claim for equity in the shareholding of the company they are employing extra-judicial means to forcefully acquire has as zero, I insist, Zilch, in financial commitment by these people. Who is a normal person that would seek to forcefully extort a declared corporate asset position of $5.8 Million when they are owing the same corporate entity over $9 Million???As for the ‘Faworaja’ TPH front-bencher, colluder, instigator and usurper, the main protagonist of this assault on good conscience and a corporate brigand Oluwatosin Odusanya, I suppose the jury is still out on the nature of his being as a human!!!. An eternal ingrate, unintelligent and always striving to socially climb, even in marriage. Hypotonically osmotic all his adult life, he has always, for over 23 years drained the goodwill, resources and relationships and sentiment of his unwise benevolent ‘brother’, Dr Toye and offering zilch in return!A legacy oil subsidy scoundrel (Go and verify) without any scruples in personal or corporate relationships, he has perfected the art of employing illegal and extra-judicial means of escaping with commonwealth resources even though he has surrounded himself with legal practitioners as in-laws in every direction. With an overriding hunger for covetousness and brigandage, even his collaborators in this assault underestimate his capacity and capability for treachery and betrayal.

Elderssay that the worst antagonist in any situation is one that is inanely lazy of mind and body, wracked with envy and covetous of others’ achievements, they fully and wholesomely describe his person. Even though his so-called minority stake has not been backed by a kobo of financial commitment, he along with the unfortunate scions are frantically and hopelessly striving to take over a company so blessed to not be in their full grasp for eternity.

The real losses in 2 court cases in this regard should explain going for broke via the illegal detention and collusive Police attempts at stealing what does not belong to either of them.Ask Tosin Odusanya what he did to blow through a $20 million plus investment in equity and debt we availed his personal company as Fund about 5 years ago. Zero returns on investment and he still considers himself an entrepreneur that wants to take over the Energy Park that he had no practical or financial input in bringing to reality.

Unintelligent enough to fail at several ICAN qualification attempts, and never achieving beyond a manager status after decades in banking, his clueless investment approach is exhibited in taking commercial loans from banks and individuals to acquire a £2 Million non-revenue earning home in the UK and sponsoring a fake lifestyle with borrowings from all over. FGS, who borrows and take loans to prosecute a battle for which you originally lack any stake? That would be Tosin Odusanya!!! Your failures in life continues and will soon overtake all the desperate efforts to cover them up with this assault on your benefactors.

Ask Tosin Odusanya:

How did he fund £2 Million house acquisition in the UK and what was Dr. Toye’s role in the process?

How did he acquire his house in Ikoyi and what was Dr Toye’s role in the process?

Did he receive a $1 Million in cash from Dr. Toye or not?

How did he borrow from a Mauritian Bank and employed same in acquiring his overseas property instead of pulling it to commercial investment as needed?

How has he utilized the N4 Billion loan from Lotus Bank that he still had to go aborrowing extra to prosecute a “Warchest” towards persecuting Dr Toye Akindele through the Police.

Uncle Fola Adeola and Auntie Kafilah should be really worried about their Bank’s exposure to Tosin. Ask him to fully account for the disbursement!!!

As for the Dr. Toye himself, he cannot be fully exonerated from the whole unfortunate saga!We warned him!!! Several times!!! He burned bridges on account of these actors in his current travails!!! We always knew their true colours will show once there is any serious value to covet.

He was even literally poisoned by agents of these actors and wasn’t expected to survive the detention ordeal alive!And it all eventually came to pass.

Dr Toye prioritized these people over all of the real people around him and they eventually exposed themselves.

Lives were meant to be lost and only the Almighty Lord has kept faith with Dr. Toye and the rest of us against their evil machinations. We will continue to bless God for His infinite mercies upon us!!!

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