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#BbnaijaAllStar: Bre*st is what I love in a man, but you should wear Bra - Mercy Eke to Whitemoney [Full Gist]

In a recent conversation with Whitemoney at the Big Brother Naija All-Star house, Mercy revealed her love for breasts on a man, A2satsBlog Media reports.

#BbnaijaAllStar: Bre*st is what I love in a man, but you should wear Bra - Mercy Eke to Whitemoney - A2satsBlog

According to A2B Media, Mercy started that she loves it when a man has a chest which she can easily play with. She even jokingly told Whitemoney that he should wear a bra to manage his big chest while they both laughed.

She disclosed this while having a conversation with Whitemoney at the Garden on Monday, hours before the HOH challenge.

"How do you want your man & what do you like in a Man?" Whitemoney.

"Breast!" Mercy responded and proceed to play with Whitemoney's breast.

"But yours is big o, You should be wearing Bra" Mercy to Whitemoney as they both laughed it off.

It's quite interesting to note that Mercy and Whitemoney were both winners of their season, and fans have been speculating on the possibility of a romantic relationship between them. Could there be something more brewing between the two, or is it just harmless banter? Only time will tell.

As controversial as Mercy's statement might have sounded, it's worth bearing in mind that we all have unique preferences when it comes to choosing a partner. While some people might prefer a muscular chest, others might prefer a toned one or even no chest at all. Ultimately, what matters most is finding someone who complements and supports us in all aspects of life.

So for those who love breasts on a man, like Mercy, don't be shy about it. And for those who don't, that's okay too. What's important is that we all embrace our individuality and preferences without feeling pressured to conform to societal expectations.

Over to you, our esteem readers (A2Bers), could something be building up between thesee two and should we be expecting a ship soon? Let's hear from you in the comment section.

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