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JAPA Alert: Jubilations as Canada Opens Visa-Free Travel For Africa, Asia, and America [Full Details]

In a strategic move to boost tourism and business, Canada has announced an expansion of its visa-free travel arrangement. A total of 13 new countries from Asia, Africa, and the Americas have been added to the list, joining 50 others, including the USA. This progressive step aims to facilitate easier cross-border travel and economic growth.

Breaking Travel Update: Canada Extends Visa-Free Travel to Morocco and Seychelles
Canada’s visa-free travel privileges have been extended to cover not just one, but two exciting destinations – Morocco and Seychelles! Curiously though, the omission of Nigeria, a pivotal African nation, has raised eyebrows.

The countries that are now part of Canada’s visa-free entry by Air program include:

Morocco (Africa)
Seychelles (Africa)
Antigua and Barbuda (America)
St Lucia (America)
Trinidad and Tobago (America)
St Kitts-Nevis (America)
Panama (America)
Argentina (America)
Costa Rica (America)
Uruguay (America)
St. Vincent and the Grenadines (America)
Thailand (Asia)
Philippines (Asia)

Canada’s Growing Global Connections

Canada’s strategic decision to include Morocco from North Africa and Seychelles from East Africa highlights the nation’s intent to fortify its ties with the continent. Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, underscores the expansion of the electronic travel authorization (eTA) program. This move facilitates the entry of “known travelers” from these countries, promoting leisure and business visits to Canada.

Drawing attention to the benefits, Fraser highlighted that travelers from the mentioned nations will experience convenient and budget-friendly journeys. He underscored the broader visa-free list’s multi-fold advantages, including enhancing travel, tourism, and business activities, while fostering stronger global bonds with these 13 nations.

“The visa exemptions for these ‘known travelers’ from these countries can lead to them saving a lot of money,” Fraser explained.

Currently, a visitor visa costs only $100 per person and $500 for a family of five or more. In comparison, an eTA costs just $7 per person and is good for up to five years.

Canada’s Express Entry Visa for Certain Jobs

In a separate report, Canada has released a list of jobs that will get priority for the Express Entry visa. This move is meant to meet the needs of the job market and fill gaps in these professions. Skilled foreign workers in these priority job areas have a better chance of getting a visa through the Express Entry system.

Canada’s eTA Program Expands to More Countries

Canada has made it easier for people from 13 more countries to travel there without a visa.

Key Points Covered

1. Understanding the eTA

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an online travel document. Most visa-exempt travelers need it to fly to Canada. The eTA application lets Canadian officials check travelers before they arrive. It costs CAN$7 to apply, and most get approved quickly. You only need a passport, credit card, email, and internet access to apply.

2. The Growth of the eTA Program

Canada first expanded the eTA program in April 2017. It included eligible travelers from Brazil, Bulgaria, and Romania. Visa requirements were later lifted for all Bulgarians and Romanians. Eligible Brazilians can still travel to Canada visa-free. The eTA program now includes 13 more countries.

3. Impact on Tourism

Canada expects 200,000 more visitors from these 13 countries within a year. This is a 20% increase in tourism from these countries. Over ten years, these extra visitors could bring in almost $160 million more in revenue.


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