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Drug abuse: Parents should be vigilant

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), has urged parents to be vigilant and watchful to ensure prompt detection and adequate control measures when their children engages in drug abuse.
Mrs Chinenlo Okonkwo , Secretary, Publicity Committee of the FCT branch of the association, made the call in a statement to mark the 2016 International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking held on June 26 each year.
The statement, made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Abuja, said that the theme of this year’s event is "Listen First.’’
Okonkwo described drug abuse as "any substance that causes reinforcement and has the capacity of producing effects that make the user wish to take them again.’’
She urged parents and care givers to develop a strong bond with their children by being attentive to what they are saying.
She also urged parents to be gentle in correcting their children and encourage them on positive attitudes.
She said: "Drug abuse or addiction constitutes serious danger to health as a result of dependence.
"Its overall harm depends on the drug that is being abused, the degree to which it is abused, individual’s body response to the drug and environmental influence on the person.’’
She listed some of the dangers associated with drug abuse to include depression, sleepiness, fatigue, craving for the same drug, restlessness, muscle aches, anxiety and increased blood pressure.
"Others are difficulty in concentrating, seizures, profuse sweating, hallucinations, confusion, fever, hostility, nausea, cardiac arrhythmias, bone marrow depression, brain degeneration, damage to liver, kidneys, lungs, peripheral nerves, coma and death.
Okonkwo said that the event was organised to raise awareness on the major problems that illicit drugs pose to the society with emphasis on the importance of preventing drug abuse and illicit trafficking.
"Illicit drugs are controlled substances which cause reinforcement. Examples are: heroin (opiods), cocaine, amphetamine and related substances.
"Others are Cannabinoids (hemp, marijuana), psychedelic agents like Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), phenycyclidine (pcp) and Ketamine.
"Some of these substances are used clinically to treat or enhance the treatment of some medical conditions.
"Other substances that are abused include ethanol (alcohol), benzodiapines for treating anxiety disorders and insomnia, barbiturates (sedatives), caffeine, nicotine (cigarette), opiods and semi-opiods (codeine, tramadol) for the treatment of pain.
"Examples of volatile chemicals are kerosene, gasoline/petrol, nitrous oxide, amyl trinitrite, aerosol sprays containing fluorocarbon propellant.
"Addiction is a chronic disorder that requires long term treatment.
"Talking down’ by reassurance is effective and is management of first choice.
"Drug abuse can also be managed by detoxification which is a gradual reduction of dose used by the addict,’’ she added
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