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Robin Padilla’s appeal to Du30: Don’t reveal drug users in show biz

Actor Robin Padilla has pleaded to President Rodrigo Duterte not to reveal the identities of show biz celebrities included on his list of those involved in the use of illegal drugs.
Robin, who campaigned for Duterte in the May national elections, instead asked that a dialogue be set among artists, their managers and government agencies responsible for the crackdown on illegal drugs.
“These people are taxpayers, and they also obey the law. I’m sure that whatever mistakes they might have committed could be sorted out in a more diplomatic way,” he said at the recent launch of Bravo Food Supplement for Men, which he is endorsing along with brother Rommel Padilla.
He clarified, though, that his appeal does not cover drug pushers. “I am not talking about the pushers—they don’t have a place in this industry. I’m more concerned about the users, because I know that they are the victims here,” Robin explained.
“I cannot speak on behalf of these celebrities. I also don’t know how they will accept this news from the President. I will not be surprised if most of them would say this is a violation of their human rights,” the actor said in Filipino.
“But the President meant no ill will. This is what he has promised to do for us and the country. He is kind and just. He is giving these drug users a chance to change their ways.”
Robin also said that while there were offers for him to assume a government position, he could not “because I’m an ex-convict. It is also because of that that I was not allowed to vote.”
Robin was sentenced and convicted in 1993 for illegal possession of firearms.
On a personal note, Robin said he has agreed to his wife Mariel Rodriguez’s request to give birth to their daughter in the United States.
“This was actually what her daddy had asked. It would also be best for her to be in an environment that’s peaceful and free from intrigues,” Robin shared with reporters. “It will also be better if she would be with people who can take care of her—her parents and sister—because she is having a difficult pregnancy.”

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