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LEASON FOR BLOGGERS:: What are Linda Ikeji facts we didn't know?

What do you know about Linda Ikeji? Are you sure you know everything you need to know about this famous person? Here is a list of things you should be aware of about her.
Linda Ikeji is an interesting figure in the history of Nigerian and general African blogging. Amidst the rise of bloggers in Africa, she stands out in the view of her talent and the history of her success. Nowadays, Linda Ikeji is one of the richest women in Nigeria and on the whole continent of Africa. It is amazing seeing how her talent helped her make her way to the top from the very bottom she started at.
It is getting even more interesting that Linda Ikeji’s new worth is measured with 7-digit numbers when you get to know her background and family life. She does not come from a rich family where she had a few good examples to follow in business and climbing the career ladder. However, she made it and inspired other young women to make their way on a career ladder.
Linda Ikaji is not arrogant but rather quite simple and easy-going, and that is what strikes her fans, as usually, the women in business are rude and straightforward. When talking to Linda, you can see the results of the Catholic bringing up she received. Her parents encouraged her always to be modest, honest and never cheat on a way to success. She sticks to these rules even today.
Linda Ikeji sees encouraging a new generation of ladies to go for their dreams and make them come true, as she has proven it to be possible and doable.
Linda Ikeji was born in a Catholic family on September 19, 1980. She was already the second child in this beautiful family that lived at that time in the Imo State of Nigeria. As a girl, she had no financial stability or security since her parents faced many troubles trying to provide for their family. That is why the girl decided to start writing back when she was ten years old. She wrote about her life trying to develop her style and improve the skills.
Between that age and until she turned 17 she was trying her best to make it as a junior writer. Later she became a student at the Lagos University having her major in the English language. She used every opportunity to improve her journalist’ and writer’s skills and make it to the top.
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As a student, she joined a modeling business. Linda Ikeji did not have a plan of becoming a model but rather being aware of her own beauty she wanted to use this as a way to provide for herself while studying. It was a better choice than other jobs students could take, so she chose to model. However, in her career story, she even worked as a salesperson and sold beer to earn some money.
Her blogging career started later after blogging was introduced in 1999. Linda started thinking about a blogging profession back then, as she wanted to make money and still stay away from all the corruption and immorality of the business.
We now know that Linda Ikeji’s blog is a huge success; however, it took her much time and effort to make it a big deal. Ikeji’s net worth did not just appear out from nowhere; she worked hard to earn that money. Since Internet was a luxury at those times on Nigeria, she did not have access to it. As the celebrity shared on her blog, she had to constantly borrow money to pay for the time she spent in cyber café where she connected to the wifi to post her articles.
The idea of blogging did not leave her until she graduated from the University. She saw blogging as a way to make money and share her story with the world. Therefore, she tried journalist profession in 2006. Before that, she created her own modeling agency and a media company which she called Black Dove Communications.
Linda Ikeji Blog is now a term in Nigeria. Sure, it took Linda years to promote it, but the reputation of the blog is so high that it has been the most read blog in Nigeria for a long time. It is not only read by Nigerians, though; African from all over the continent like reading it too to get a fresh perspective on the things in Nigeria.
Linda Ikeji Blog is now a popular site where people go to find out the details of the news they found interesting. It has different categories including the news of show business, stories, politics, and others. Once Linda Ikeji’s blog was closed by the authorities, as some of them whose stories were published their showed too much of the personal lives they did not want to share with anyone. Of course, she shared gossips and things that were only believed ever to happen. Nevertheless, after that incident, Linda Ikeji decided to give her blogging another try. This time, she hired specially trained people to work for her and provide her with the details and stories she would not be able to find out about herself.
The statistics of Linda Ikeji’s blog shows that at least 750 thousand people read her posts on Twitter every day, as she and people working for her publish news on entertainment, celebrity gist, etc. Moreover, about 52 thousand people follow her on Instagram and 36 thousand on Facebook.
Linda Ikeji and her blog are ranked as number 20 most popular resource in Nigeria and around 1,700 in the whole world. Fame was not the primary motivation for Linda Ikeja’s blog; however, her determination and persistence brought her fame and success. Therefore, keep in mind that things that seem to be impossible for you at first, can become possible if you pursue them with determination and passion.
Linda Ikeji’s motto is to be self-made meaning that she believes that every woman can achieve success in the thing she wants to have as her hobby or a profession of choice. Being self-made means being yourself and pursuing your dreams. As Linda Ikeji’s blogging experience showed, it is possible to both remain honest and create a business for a woman. Read her blog here - to find out more facts about Linda Ikeji that you might find interesting.

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