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HORRIBLE: Zoo worker got attacked by crocodile, which Rips Off His Leg

A zoo worker was attacked by the crocodile when he was making the attempt to feed it. With the help of another person, the man was left alive.

The police noticed that this dangerous animal wanted to maim both the leg and the hand.

In accordance with Tuko Media , the “monster”, who has the length of almost six meters ripped the leg of the stuff. Everything took place in Malaysia on the special farm for the reptiles. It should be also mentioned that the beast’s weight is more than 750 kilos.

The part-time career in the zoo made this person injured. His duty was just to feed the crocodile, but the animal began attacking. The age of the man was 60 years old. At the time when he gave the beast a chicken and wanted to rub its muzzle, the alligator attacked.

The only witness of this accident was the another worker of the zoo.

He saw that the crocodile began to drag the man into the water. The victim screamed awfully. So, the man, without losing any minute, ran to save the life. He managed to wrestle the “monster’s” jaws open with a gallon of adrenaline that moved vigorously up and down through his muscles.

The chief of the police claimed that the victim lost the leg. Now the doctors are trying to save the man's right arm. He is currently in a critical condition.

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