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#BBNaija : I'm not a Gay, Never! - Efe

Efe ,winner of the Big Brother Naija reality show claims he's scared of visiting Port Harcourt because of Marvins and also disclosed that he's not moved by women but that doesn't mean he's a Gay.

In a chat with Saturday Beats during the presentation of his car as the winner of the show, Efe said he is scared of going to Port Harcourt primarily because of Marvis, his girlfriend in the house.

Efe said, “I only kissed Marvis because that was the only thing I wanted to do. I respect women and I cannot afford to be fooling around with them. For me, kissing shows a little bit of emotion but if it goes beyond that, it means we are taking it to another level and that is why I did not go beyond that. I admitted in the house that I like her but I always knew that it would only last within the house because she has a boyfriend. At first, I thought she was not serious when she said she had a boyfriend but when she said she was serious, I had to be cool.

“I cannot go to Port Harcourt because that is where she is based. We all know how her father is, so I have no intentions of going to Port Harcourt or going close to the place. I don’t have a girlfriend. My priorities are different and I am not moved by women but that does not mean I am gay. Never.”

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