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GhenGhen: Ladies kidnap admin of a ‘Whatsapp Ponzi Scheme Group’ in Akwa, beat him up and hand him over to the police after the scheme crashed

Whatsapp Ponzi Scheme Group
Lawyer Consultant and Counsel, Emeka Ugwuonye has shared a conversation he had with someone who claims he was First Kidnapped by some ladies after his “Whatsapp Group Ponzi Scheme” crashed.

He revealed that he started the Whatsapp Ponzi Group to help people out of recession, but unfortunately for him, the group crashed and people lost money. He claims he was later kidnapped by some ladies in Akwa where they beat him, took his money and demanded for his ATM pins so they could transfer all his money to their accounts. He refused to this and the ladies called on SARS to arrest him.

He says he was selling hair cream before venturing into the ponzi scheme business.

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