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Once more, our favorite writer has deliver onto us another wonderful write up which would captivate your mind for a moment but last in your heart forever. Enjoy!

Just the thought of yesterday alone,
Makes my heart melt and fully blown
How could we not see beyond colours?

We aren't deaf not to hear the groaning of the little kids,
We aren't blind not to see the division apathy caused,
Then if we aren't deaf and blind why can't we let it be known?

The sun isn't shining like before,
Stars refused to be out at night and everywhere seems dull,
Hope is lost and the future itself turned blur,
Why can't we see the colours with love?

When will the stars glow,
Stop to the painful groans,
Ink of the pen like blood rushing out from the abused north-siders,
Music and poetry escaped from life when talent met denial,
In nothing but a destructive arrival.

Ostensibly, this is the struggles of life.
Married to the world of abuse like husband and wife,
Just the thought of yesterday,
Makes my eye wet and blood boils with an heart ache,
Because of the world strife.

Only if there is love, white and black would have just be colours in our eye.

    ©Komolafe John

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