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WHAT!!! Winemaker uses condoms to ferment wine

A 65 - year - old winemaker from Havana , Cuba, has come up with an ingenious use for latex condoms. As part of the process of producing his brand of wine , he places condoms over large jars of grape and fruit juice so that he can know exactly when the fermentation process is completed.

Orestes Estevez has been making wine for a long time , but he only opened his winery , “El Canal ”, in 2000, when the Communist regime made private enterprises legal . He uses Cuban grapes with all kinds of tropical fruits and vegetables thrown in for added flavoring to make a cheap yet delicious alternative to imported wines .

With the average monthly income in Cuba standing at around $ 25 , few people can afford to pay half that much for a bottle of foreign wine , so at 10 times less that amount per bottle, the 65 - year- olds ’ wine is a popular alternative .

Estevez and his family tend to about 300 large jugs of wine at all times , and they can be seen lined up on shelves or on the floor all around their house . The condoms are a cheap alternative to the valves and sensors used by most wineries to release gases and monitor the fermentation process , according to
odditycentral. com.

The condoms slowly inflate as the grape juice and fruits start to ferment and produce gases . When they become firm and full of gas, Orestes punches a few small holes with a needle to allow the slow release of gas, and when the condom stops inflating and falls, he knows that the wine is ready for bottling.

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