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SEX & RELATIONSHIP: For hotter sex, ask your woman these five questions

No relationship can thrive without regular conversations between the persons concerned.

Same applies to sexual relationships: unless your partner knows your sexual preferences, things may not work out .

So , enjoy sex with your partner on a regular basis, here are some of the questions to get answers to …

• What turns you on ?

A sex expert, Dr. Emily Morse , counsels that before you can have mind- blowing sex with your partner, you should define what that means for you , personally. By being prepared to answer this question before you ask your partner, you ’ ll get her mind working on how to please you . “ If you get to talking in an intimate setting , it’ ll definitely set you both on track to hit all the right sexual buttons, ” Morse says .

• How do you like to be touched ?

This is perhaps one of the most important things to get feedback on , says a certified sex therapist /marriage and family counsellor , Dr. Holly Richmond. “ It ’ s also important to know how a person likes to be touched on their non -erogenous zones versus how they like their genitals touched, ” she says . The best route to better, hotter , more connected sex is to know what you like, and ask for it.

• What kind of sex are you in the mood for?

Sometimes, one partner may need to be nurtured to feel intimately connected, Richmond says . “ That may require slower intercourse with lots of stroking and cuddling , maybe even loving words exchanged, ” she says . Other times , the couple may feel a need for more adventurous , passionate intercourse , which could mean rougher, faster sex and dirty talk, she says .

• Encourage her to share what kind of mood she ’ s in:

“ Women are often afraid to ask for what they want , but most men are more than happy to play along , ” says sex therapist , Dr . Gloria Brame. Talking about it means better orgasms all around , she says .

• What are the most sensitive parts of your body ?

Make a mental map of your personal hot spots and share it with your lover when you ’ re in bed , Brame says .

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