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Life and Death: Help join hands in raising Funds to further the Health of a Female Uniosun Student battling serious Ailment

A report reaching us just a few hours ago is that, A 100lv Female student of Public Health Department at Uniosun is currently down with serious Ailment.

Her name wasn't disclosed, but she was reported to have being on admission at BWB oke-Baale Hospital where she's been receiving oxygen since midnight.

We need your help and support.

Read the Post that's being forwarded on Social medias below:

Hello everyone, one of us is in a critical state and we are very much in need of funds to help and further her treatment as she has been on oxygen since midnight. Any amount isn't too much to help please. We're currently in bwb hospital òkè baálé.. Please this is very urgent and critically important.. It's life and death.. Call 08132398894  or 07033575796 for further information or on how to donate to help please

A2satBlog had a quick call and was able to chat with them. Download the Audio below;

Click Here to download

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