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Mercy Aigbe and Hubby back at war: "Sincerely, I can't wait to see this movie" Mercy Aigbe's hubby says as he shares photo of her brusied face

Alleged wife beater, Lanre Gentry posted photos of his ex-wife's bruised face on Instagram and said he sincerely can't wait to see the movie coming up! He also denied beating his wife, Although she shared screenshot of him begging her for forgiveness

He wrote:

"Sincerely, I can't wait to see this movie please let me know when Adekas will start selling it. I've been quiet about a lot of things and its basically because of the children and I expect you to respect that and know that my silence doesnt make me a fool. I did not beat you; we both know thats the truth.
Moreover, I believe we still have an ongoing case in court, why then will you still post this on the internet? Let the court make its ruling!!! Afterall, You've gotten the cheap sympathy, money and freedom you wanted but enough with this name soiling/ blackmail. You and I both know what the truth is but its so unfortunate that we both have found ourselves at the point of throwing shades and coming at each other. Let the court rule and then we both can lick our wounds and move forward. Enough is enough!!! Stop blackmailing me and don't soil my family name. That said, to all who come after me, insulting me, cursing me & saying all sorts of distasteful words, I don't think anyone's life is perfect. So if your life isn't perfect, why be a judge of mine? Bloggers, just cos you want to make some money, please remember that some people's lives are involved especially the children. I don't think anyone should expect me to keep mute when all she is doing is kill my image and soil my family's name. Do whatever rally you want to do Biodun, Make whatever money you want to make but remember that the truth will come out someday. If only you all know the truth about her and who she really is.".

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