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Gbosa: Adele 'forced to use sign language' in an attempt to save her vocal cords (Details)

Adele has reportedly been forced to use sign language as she tries to save her voice.

The singer was forced to pull out of a string of shows earlier this month and said she might never tour again due to severe problems with her vocal cords.And now the mum of one has gone completely mute as she tries to rest her voice.

She was said to be using a "made-up sign language" while she visited a posh prep school in London this week with her husband Simon Konecki.

"Adele wasn't making a sound, even if she was asked a direct question by people unaware of her vocal issues she wouldn't be tempted to answer," a source told the Sun .

"She was gesturing wildly at times to Simon to communicate and he was doing all the talking for them. It was almost funny at times because he joked that it was her made-up sign language.""It looked like it was really frustrating her and she stroked her throat a few times as if it was hurting her.

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