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Full Details: Angry Students Burn down Mosque, and Houses belonging to The Suspected Killer of The Missing Uniosun Student As They Set for Protests This Morning

News of The Missing Final Year student of Osun State University spread out so soon as his body was reported to have been found in an uncompleted Building near an Alfa'a House who called the police to make the report of seeing a body remains beside his house, which is very close to the Missing Student hostel.

Police were said to have come down to the scene to carry the corpse of the young man and also took the Alfa along With them for further investigation.

It was later gathered that The Students of The university converged at the place where the body was found with no HEAD, To sympathize and they were later reported to get the report that the Alfa who called Police later confessed to killing Femi, The missing Student after thorough investigation.

The Students on hearing this got infuriated and burst into the Alfa's House where they discovered a lot of things such as Tortoise, Three pot Filled with Blood, Bones, Bras and Clothes suspected to be for students.

A white Jalabia was found at the back of the building with stains of Blood(Photos Below)

This even got the students More Furious adding to the fact that they searched the whole uncompleted Buildings in School Area last Week Thursday and couldn't find him so how come he was found next to the Alfa's house, then surely the Alfa was the Kidnapper, so They started rampaging and Burnt Down the Alfa's House and two vehicles next to it.

The Alfa's house was later revealed to belong to the Jafariya Mosque Owner, and The Alfa was reported to be the Arabic Tutor for the Jafariyah Quranic Students, This gave the Angry students the Hints that The Jafariyah Mosque Owner might also be involved in the scandal.

The Members of the Community present at The scene confirmed to our correspondents and also testified to the fact that they have been having suspicious feelings about the Mosque For about 3years now.

They also stated that most of them do not use to observe their prayers there and that the gate to the mosque is always locked but only opened during solat. (Note: According to Them)

This gave the Students a Reason to enter the Mosque Compound where to their Surprise they saw a Dried Tree with No Leaves but rather Nails on it.

The students uprooted it and set it ablaze then they dismantled the mosque and even reportedly set it ablaze.

The buildings in the Compound weren't speared by the Angry Students as they burn it all.

Reports do come in of A Goat which was found in one of The Buildings which was slaughtered but didn't die and it was set ablaze, but to their surprise it didn't burn for a while but at the end it got burnt still yet to die leaving students with no other choice than to dismantle the Head.

A building was also reported to be burnt severally but never got burnt after several trials the pan of the building was reported to be affected only.

Later in The Evening, The Police came around to stop the whole issue and to retain peace, they were reported to have also left with evidence for proper investigation.

The whole story got complicated as It was later stated by Punchng That Three Clerics have been arrested as they confessed of Killing The missing Student for money ritual.

As the whole story unfolds, we're gonna keep u updated.

The students are then set to start a Protest Tomorrow morning to seek for the End of the sudden death and disappearance of Students in The university.

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