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Gbese: Catholic Church Bars Wife From Having Sex With Husband Over Holy Communion

A couple, Mr Okoronta and Mrs Agnes, from Umuchu town in Aguata LGA of Anambra State are in war over the sudden denial of sex by the wife because of her new faith in the Catholic church.

Okoronta married Agnes some years back as a second wife according to the Igbo tradition and they have five children. However, the wife recently embraced the Catholic faith and wanted to be receiving Holy communing as a true faithful. But because she was the second wife and was not properly married according to church rules, she cannot receive the communion.

Agnes met a priest for advice and she was told to confess her sins, separate from the husband and she will worthy to receive communion.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that Agnes moved to her own room in the house built by Okoronta and would not allow him access to her as wife, yet Okoronta was still performing his financial obligation as husband.

When the matter became unbearable for Okoronta, he summoned members of his family including Agnes’ children to complain about her conduct.

Agnes revealed that she had repented and would not have sex with Okoronta because it was a sin as he did not marry her according to church rules. She has the support of her children who have asked their father to leave her alone as she is no longer his wife according to her new faith

An embittered Okoronta reported the issue to his kinsmen who frowned at Agnes and her children's decision and asked them to rescind but they refused.

Okoronta then summoned his kindred and family members, prepared his will and proclaimed that Agnes and children were no longer part of his family and so they will not inherit any of his property.

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