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Gbosa: There’s nothing wrong with me, Eniola Badmus declares

Two weeks ago, a picture of plus-sized actress, Eniola Badmus, on what looked like a hospital bed with a drip attached to her hand, went viral on the Internet.

Badmus posted the picture on her Snapchat page with the caption, ‘Health is Wealth.’ This led many of her fans to start praying for her, with some asking her to reveal the cause of her illness. This was coupled with her weight, which many opined had reduced drastically.

However, in an exclusive chat with
Sunday Scoop, Eniola stated vehemently that she isn’t ill.
“Who told you there is anything wrong with me,” she asked our correspondent. When reminded that she posted the picture on the Internet, she said, “Are you sure that’s what you saw? Please go back and confirm what you actually saw.”

When Sunday Scoop maintained that there was a picture of her being indisposed posted on her social media page, she said, “I didn’t put any such picture on my social media pages. I am okay and there is nothing wrong with me. I was only diagnosed with minor diarrhea and I am perfectly well now. There is no cause for alarm. I have been attending events and going on movie sets.”

“Right now, I cannot tell you my plans,” she said when she was asked to disclose what she is working on at the moment.

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