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All you need to know about The Nigerian OSCAR(Outstanding Students' Choice Award Recognition) set to hold in November

The leadership of the International Leaders' Association of Nigerian Students and Youth (ILANSY) have concluded plans to hold this years' Outstanding Students' Choice Awards of Recognition (OSCAR) on Saturday, November 11th in Lagos.

Speaking in Abuja, on Monday, shortly after meeting with the representatives of the Federal Government of Nigeria, the President of Nigerian OSCAR, Tunde Aguntasolo said there was an urgent need for the body to shift the event date from the initially announced date, October 1st, to November 11th.

Aguntasolo said there was a new proposal by the Federal Government to make it a 3-day event. "We have been urged to consider making it a 3-day event and because planning such would require time, energy and finance, we have decided to fix November 9-11".

Meanwhile, the International Coordinator of ILANSY, Comr. Oluwalosheyi Babaeko, who commented on the issue from Leeds, UK said in statemrnt that the body would be collaborating with other agencies to host a very remarkable event.

"We are hosting the first International conference of African Students as part of this year's OSCAR awards and different national and international students bodies are involved. The Federal Government are supporting us on this one so we are very confident of the success", Babaeko said.

Investigation revealed that many prospective winners of the student category of the awards have been kept in the dark for months on the actual date of the ceremony.

Reacting to this, however, Aguntasolo succinctly said "The issues are clear but our hands were tied".

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